Monday, 3 January 2011

Black Projects

Well here we are another new year 2011 with just one to go before the infamous 2012, will it won't it be a good thing or a bad thing. The Annunaki are on their way, maybe, Nibiru the planet plummets toward the Earth in a wreckless manner, perhaps not, life as we know it might not exist after 2012, then again the Annunaki might come back and take over the Planet for every ones good.                                     
The increase in UFOs that have been seen has escalated considerably over the last few years but is it just because some people watch the sky incessantly in the hope of seeing something, I firmly believe that in a lifetime you might be lucky to see one. UFOs aren't as common as reports would have us believe and even if they were we would probably have to stay up all night to see them. Orange lights in the sky , well I see plenty of them over my home town, they go up most weekends and are Chinese lanterns.
      Real UFOs what are they ? well they are something that appears to fly albeit not in the usual manner, and of an alternative structure ie; flying saucer, bell shaped, triangle to name but a few. Isn't it amazing that of the very good films of sighted UFOs that can be seen on the likes of You Tube are clear as day and faked!Many videos are shaken so much you can't help but laugh at the audacity of some people who think we are so gullible that we believe them, find something else to do with your cameras.
Lights apparently not moving in the sky, are they just sunlight reflecting on the lense of your camera, so distant that you can't make it out.
There are a lot of sites, blogs and websites that feature the same pictures and videos, they are after all hungry for information to post on their sites, stories as well very often the same. My blog has been running for less than two months and I try not to copy other peoples material, however sometimes something is just too good to be overlooked. If you have read my latest post and think I have read about this elsewhere, it isn't that I am plaguerising some one else's work , rather that I am giving it my point of view. I see sites daily that do very well for visitors as many as three hundred to a thousand a day, but don't understand why , some only give you links to other peoples well studied and analysed work; they have nothing to submit themselves yet get a high visitor rate, I can do that ! but don't. Some of these people write or claim to write several blogs, do they ? if all they provide is a link to someone else's material then it isn't even a blog, they don't write anything at all !
I do try, believe me just look at my posts and tell me I don't write a Blog , my intention is to make you question what you believe or read elsewhere, I never take any ones word for anything and as a consequence will continue to write alternative reports. Hopefully in the not to distant future I will have people contact with me with their experiences of UFOs and cattle mutilations, abductions etc; It will happen once I have got some confidence from my readers and a regular following.
It seems strange that no one likes to comment, why ? we won't bite you and it is nice to know you may have a different view. Follow my site, let me know what it is you are looking for don't just look and go away with my material to put on your blog.
     I saw a genuine Alien craft back in 1999 it was around seven hundred feet wide and long, dark silver and black and approximately three hundred feet above my head , moving very slowly and quietly. To read about it go to the first posts of 2010 and read Close Encounter, it doesn't get any more real than this...John

     Black Projects, hidden and secret technologies but who are they for ? Untold billions of US dollars are spent yearly by companies in the United States of America. Companies such as Lockheed with their Skunk works and Stealth bombers and fighter jets, Siemens who invested an enormous amount of money in purchasing technology from an American company that had created a chip that could be inserted into anything and be tracked over a long distance and even alter brain waves, perhaps be used to control people. 
EG and G yes, they ferry all those employees to and fro into places like Groom Lake, Area 51 and other secret bases or testing sites via their own aeroplanes and probably also have a hand in syphoning off all those Billions of tax dollars from the US government for black technologies.
      We know from numerous reports and insider information that these and several other companies devour more money in a year than anyone bank could count in a lifetime. It would appear that the situation has got so that any one of the companies mentioned virtually write their own cheques, no one within the government could tell what amount of money is really being spent or who it goes to. When questioned as to why, no one individual or even the whole of the government can answer, in fact many have no idea that this money is even leaving for such projects. 
       Anyone who tries to investigate the paper money trail comes up against a brick wall, since the hierarchy has many doors and closets, nobody has all the keys. It all started at the time of the Roswell cover up, when Eisenhower and then successive leaders gave away the right to control the back engineering of  Alien craft. The Military then took control, and since no President stays for long in public office then the chances that someone in power would take back the reigns diminished considerably. Doors within doors winding down long and endless corridors of secrecy, each individual only has a small piece of any part of the jigsaw, knowledge is fed piecemeal and on a basis of need to know and status doesn't necessarily mean that you get more of that jigsaw. 
     Various Presidents of America have been privy to some of the detail of the facilities known as Area 51 and Groom Lake and others have not , what the criteria is for them to know can only be guessed at, a situation of utmost security or a threat of terrorism or War, who knows.One thing for sure, they can't tell you why and how much money is actually going to these projects since they have no say in the matter.
       Employees of these secret establishments only get fed small amounts of detail, enough to be able to carry out the tasks that are required of them, uniquely qualified or brilliant scientists prove to be of value only up to and until their job is complete. Areas are kept unseen to individuals if they have no reason to work within them, so to levels of craft that they maybe working on as in the case of Bob Lazaar.
       Anyone audacious enough to think that they can circumvent the authorities or security within this realm is quickly dispatched, usually by way of a curious death. Only older and retired personnel have gotten away with telling something about the goings on at these black project bases or establishments.

       Captured UFOs flying saucers and other craft are being flown and tested after many years of investigation, rumoured stories abound of the military flying to distant planets using these craft that have either been captured or even replicas built for the purpose. Underground bases with Alien technology is being utilised by the US Military and each works along side each other , that and genetics being used to create new beings. Large and mystical preplanned schemes have been at work for a long time and we are supposed to be gaining the benefits of such technologies.
      If no one individual in the Government, the Military or any Company involved in creating and building advance craft for travel beyond our solar system and further is in complete control, then all the scientists and employees and Military staff come and go as the Projects advance or the individuals become surplus to requirements or through retirement, who then is in control ?
      Illuminati a select group of all powerful people, rich beyond all our dreams, maybe there are strong and determined ministers within the government who through their families have gained the power. Perhaps another Country has infiltrated the US government and undermined then to the point that they ask for money and get it, no questions asked. A new World Order, much talked about by certain leading ministers in the US, the British and European Governments over the last few years and perhaps they also  are financing what goes on in America, there is after all hidden underground bases in other parts of the World.
      When talk of advancement in medicines and technology is about saving lives and creating longevity for all, then question why doesn't it all happen a bit quicker than it presently does, they say money is the root of all evil and that is perhaps the answer in a nutshell; maybe certain individuals are so greedy for cash that they won't let go until they hold every Dollar and cent left in the World inside of their grubby little hands. Rather than enjoying the everyday pleasures of life that were handed to us on this Planet they have sought to Industrialise our everyday lives when a more simple existence would have led to much more harmony here for us all on this Earth.
      Never underestimate  the strength of other beings visiting us here, whilst they might have agreed to help us learn of their technology and advance propulsion systems they may have an alternative agenda.
If they are so readily prepared to help us why has it taken so long to learn how to utilise the craft and energy sciences handed to us so many years ago, is this just a little game they have been playing and do they just manipulate our resources for their own good. 
      A keen intelligent and advanced civilisation doesn't need for anything from us, except the Planet that we inhabit so why get involved in the back engineering of their craft. It would indeed seem to some of us that it is they the Extraterrestrial Biological Beings from far off planets who are pulling all the strings. No one individual or company or government apparently has full knowledge of who is in control, where the money goes, what is being built, who is being abducted and for what reason, what genetic experimentation is taking place and for who it might benefit. It is the Alien presence itself that has always been present at the project whilst people come and go, so I think it is they who control the finances and how much of it they get to use as they see fit.

Below is a rather lengthy film by an ex Computer operator who went on to create various technologies that were bought by Siemens amongst others. Make a cup of tea or coffee and a sandwich then watch ......