Saturday, 30 November 2013

UFOs and Portal gateways

Structures come in all sizes and shapes, So too do anomalies on the planet.Are there such anomalies here on Earth that correlate with those of another Planet ? Mars for instance,could there be something that is equally interesting and similar to what we have here perhaps.
    One strange anomaly on Earth is bore holes that have been appearing in some unusual places and causing much concern, do these also occur on the planet Mars and is it something we should be taking note of here on our home planet.Perhaps there is a portal gateway that links one planet with another ! Is this video  that is linked to here, showing us proof of this ?
  I doubt that there is a runway, as if this is for UFOs then a runway is not needed for such craft, then again it may just be a naturally occurring geographical fault.
  Time or travel portal would be an interesting theory and an answer to why UFOs disappear with regularity.

Link here to video...