Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Advanced technologies and War zones, is ET involved ?

Do you suppose that Aliens or other entities are repeatedly surveying war zones ? Might they have a vested interest in the outcome of such events or is it just purely through interest that they appear in such places.If there was collusion amongst the species, ie; Humans and Extraterrestrial beings, would they be deliberately helping such as the US and British governments wage war against other states. For what reason if any would they do so ? what would be their ultimate aim for the eventual outcome of such an offensive.

   As always there are and will continue to be much speculation regarding Extraterrestrials and their reason for being here on the planet, is it for the sake of Earth itself and do they mean to help us or is it for another altogether hidden reason; to take over here ! Perhaps they hope to farm human parts from these areas for use in their hybridisation program maybe, after all at the right time and in the right place many dead may be found in one area.

   Do I come across as hysterical ? is all this just a ruse to get your attention or does this really happen, who knows. One thing is for sure there appears to be some correlation between UFO sightings and world events, whether it be war, volcanoes erupting or some catastrophic event.Back in the history of England there are pictures woven as carpets and paintings that depict UFOs in their subject matter, stories abound of fire in the skies long before missiles or canons  had been invented, so are these pictures or representations in woven material just an added facet to ones imagination or did they really take place ?

Look at the picture above of what seems to be a being of whatever planet in control of a craft that can only be acknowledged as being an UFO. Once again extraterrestrial craft are seen here in the picture of the Madonna a religious picture from ancient history. What do you suppose that people from way back knew of such craft and as I suspect these craft and their occupants  have always been here. There are many such pictures to be found hanging in Art Galleries and museums around the World, so if different people painted these why did they put in UFOs ?

  Are Aliens now surveying Syria and other modern War zones and is it part of an ongoing program between advanced civilisations here on Earth and other races form afar, ET has the capability to move about the planet untouched and maybe even certain groups here on Earth as well. Are we looking here at an advanced craft that has been built with captured UFO technologies or is it an arrangement between ET and man, here we see what appear to be several TR3Bs that have been around for some time but are still denied as belonging to any known Human.
view the link here..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTScGehqc4Y&feature=player_detailpage