Thursday, 12 December 2013

Is this what you think it is ? a Grey maybe !

As I have always said and sorry If I appear to be repeating myself once again, events or UFO sightings Abductions or anything else extraterrestrial doesn't just happen because you are there looking ! Whether with a camera or mobile phone or video, it's kind of spontaneous.We all would like to see something, some positive proof of life elsewhere or at least life here on Earth from elsewhere, but we aren't all that fortunate.
   So you mind your own business and one night if like myself you are travelling a lonely road at two thirty am in the morning and suddenly a blueish sphere appears to be tracking you and then later a triangle craft possibly some seven hundred metres wide and long hovers above you and your vehicle, you know that you are privileged.
  Do these things happen with regularity or is it a one off thing ? by all accounts some would tell you they have had many experiences or visitations from Alien lifeforms or UFOs.Who am I to doubt their validity, I am just one of a few have been lucky enough to have seen something many would wish for and many wouldn't.
  Interestingly whilst on holiday recently in the Costa Brava , Spain, my wife and myself were having a swim in the enclosed pool as it became dark, early evening and after a short while my wife got out complaining of lack of light. I spoke to her and said it isn't that bad that you can't swim and see what you are doing, besides what else can we do when it is raining outside ?
  I continued to swim a while as she got dried and dressed then got out myself to dry off, it was then that I realised why she had quietly decided to stop swimming, outside there was something strange that disturbed her and as I looked at it, she spoke " can you see it as well ?"
Well have a look yourself and tell me what do you think it is..