Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Triangle craft and the Human perception of UFOs

Triangle craft came about in the late eighties to early nineties, before this period the shape of an UFO normally reported upon was that of a flying saucer, so when did the object get to evolve into this newer recognised form ? 
   Back a few years ago Belgium had a mass of sightings right across the country and many were seen by Belgian Police officers, was this paranoia or mass hysteria ? what I mean is did they all see the same thing triangle UFOs or had they heard about the sightings over their radios or back at their relative Police station before going out that night. If they were informed of several police officers having reported such craft then it might be assumed that hysteria was responsible, they then would go about their duties outside and look for UFOs, makes sense doesn't it ?
   Well I do like to throw the cat amongst the pigeons and cause a stir, I like to think that they all saw something that night and that they were all triangle craft. Since something that could travel quite quickly would easily be seen in different parts of Belgium all on the one evening. Trouble is it happened on more than one night, they were seen on more than a few occasions, so much that the Belgium Air force actually had planes on standby ready to take off and pursue these UFOs.
   It is at this time in Belgium history that the triangle probably made more people aware of these different types of UFO that were around, why hadn't they been seen before I wonder, was there a unannounced or secret test being conducted by the European Military for a given time span perhaps. Where did these UFOs come from or secret craft, had they been loaned to us for analysis and as a proven technology that had evolved from recovered UFOs.For what reason was Belgium seen as an area that they may consider using as a testbed for such craft ? or was it the case or ET being interested in something that was happening under cover in Belgium.
   Well the Military definitely hadn't been informed, nor too had the Belgium Government as planes were scrambled regularly in order to pursue these UFOs although the triangles were far too quick and could evade any pursuant easily. When the invasion of these craft finally diminished one wonders where did they go next, were they shipped back to the country from whence they came or was it really ET playing cat and mouse with the defences. It makes sense that any visiting Extraterrestrial Beings might want to first find out what they were dealing with, the best way to do that would be to appear over the skies over a nation and wait for something to happen.
     Once again it might have been the somewhat well announced TR3B that doesn't really exist 
( hmmn ! ) Aliens from another Planet may just have arrived and decided to try out their craft against ours to find out just what we are capable of before revealing themselves to World leaders with a view to take over.Whatever the reason it seems that triangle craft are seen more often that the earlier reported UFOs of the saucer variety.I could conjure up all manner of ideas as to why there has been a change in the perception of UFOs and their shapes that would have seemingly evolved in the Human conscious mind, yet whatever reason I do think of it still doesn't give us the answer as to why it did change more or less over night.
   Here is two videos of triangle UFOs that are being seen using a night time vision camera, hence the green flickering pictures,are these once again TR3Bs or visiting UFOs from another galaxy.. video one here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOXcxC25-H8&feature=player_detailpage

Video two here showing the Belgian Air force Officer explaining the whole scenario as it played out : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3RQL63eQBY&feature=player_detailpage