Sunday, 29 December 2013

UFO reports around the World

I thought we would take a new direction, so I am including UFO reports from other sources from around the World. These reports will be random ie; not everyday and taken as a slice of the witnessed reports that do come forth. No analysis will be given when writing these reports up for Blogger and you make what you wish of them.
        Report 1 29/12/2013   

Date of event 28/12/2013 Time:18.25 hours.
Location : Hillsboro,OR,US
Summary :
  I was walking to the grocery store when I saw what looked like red and blue police lights in the sky.In my area we do not have police helicopters, so I thought it was kind of weird.The lights were flashing rapidly from red to blue to red to blue just like a police car.Then I saw it go straight upwards then straight back downwards, then left, then right,all at extremely rapid speeds. I have pilots in my family and I know the direction changes like that are impossible for any known aircraft.
The lights stopped flashing red and blue and changed to a smaller white light that just kind of hovered but also changed direction one time from right to left then right again, then it just descended behind a tree line and afterwards shot off very fast to the north;I could no longer see it after that.


Date of event : 26/12/2013 Time : 21.30 hours
Summary :
   I live in a soemwhat rural area not far from Little Rock, Arkansas. I was riding home with a friend when we noticed a starnge orange light in the distance. As we got closer to home, we realised we were getting closer to the light. As we approached it we noticed it wasn't moving and assumed it must be a helicopter.As we got nearer it was quite apparent this was no helicopter and at this point we knew we were looking at a black triangle with a blue light ( Rocket engine ) at each corner.which sequentially pulsed white to red lights in a stripe down the center.We became very close to it, it wasn't very high off the ground and it began to float away practically right overhead, very, very slowly.I had to stop the car and we rolled down the windows and the craft seemed completely silent.
I then noticed a very small flashing red light in the distance and in the crafts direct path which timed to match the sequential flashing light on the bottom of this craft.It continued floating off into the distance.
That's it for now but watch out for more of the same and from other parts of the World, soon !