Tuesday, 31 December 2013

UFOs creating Crop Circles in Wiltshire

Crop circles seem to appear all over the place especially since modern technology and the onset of the Internet came about. Some crop circles are so intricate and have been considered to be messages from ET, yet no one has yet managed to decipher any of these, also for some reason places such as Wiltshire seem to have an abundance of such phenomena, what else could you call this ?
  We are led to believe that a number of UFOs descended and you can see something or a number of what appears to be types of craft descending toward the earth, question begs, is it really ET and is it really UFOs taking time out to make an intricate pattern on the land as a message for us mere humans to decode.

   As with all crop circles we have to err on the side of the doubters, meaning I don't believe this is genuine. If as I suspect, ET is here and has been for sometime, then they did not come here to create pretty patterns on the planet, as I consider they have a more important agenda and there are probably many other ways to communicate if they so wish. 
  The majority of crop circles have been proven by various other investigators to be the work of paid groups often thought to be sent out by the likes of MI5 and MI6 to fool us all, but why ? well as a diversion to take us away from thoughts of events that may be happening all over the world. Maybe they deliberately create these crop circles to keep us from seeing what is really going on, or just to distract us from seeing or believing the truth about the UFO agenda and even their associations with those who do know what is going on.
I'm inclined to think at this distance we are led to believe UFOs are involved, I think this is Chinese lanterns and yes, they do drop and suddenly appear as if from nowhere, that may be part of the plot.
See for yourself here :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzXXtVN2518&feature=player_detailpage
Have a happy and prosperous New Year..